Free Web hosting Services

by Craig A. Smith

All these services require an email adress.  Fair enough - since an occasion may arise where they have a legitimately need to communicate with you (new services, equipment down, url changes, etc.)  But don't just give them your primary email address!  Instead, use a personal ISP, or see my list of Free Email Services.  While I have received very little spam (with the possible exception of of Geocites),  I prefer to keep hobby pages totally divorced from each other.  Consider a dedicated email address for each project.  This is a handy way to segrate email if you subscribe, like I do, to any of the excellent and FREE services by Philip Greenspun, such as Uptime, Loquacious, BooHoo, or  and allows you to treat email address as 'disposible.'
name restrictions
example address
file restrictions
2 character state prefix/xx characters
5 MB then must login & move files to home.  NEW you can now upload one file at a time directly to you home directory. No .mov files
"neighborhood," "street" & 4 digit address
11 MB
UNIX style names
11 MB only 1-level of subdirectories allowed
up to 24 characters
12 MB no ftp access yet