Natty Thursdays

The Official Organ of the Natty Dread Thursday's Crew Union Association
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Dread Takes Gun Twice!
The Dread received line honors Sunday for the A5, and again Thursday for the G5. Skipper & B.O. Lutnickie had been heard to exclaim he was "very satisfied" with the consistency of the Dread's performance."

Grill Off A Success!
(Wayzata) Rivaling the Betty Crocker Bake Off, this year's 1st Annual Grill Off drew overflow crowds to over-heeling boats. Pickled herring & spicy Bloody Marries were served aboard Dansk. The new LP grill was christened aboard Natty Dread with shiskabobs, shrimp, ribs, grilled corn-on-the-cob, garlic bread, and berries and cheese were just some of the delicacies. Wash that all down with Champaign and you have the end to another perfect Fun Club event. (Food p1)

Sailor's Mission Reopens
(Minneapolis) Mike "I just gotta live within crawling distance of the Red Dragon." Sulser reopened the downtown branch of the Saga Hill Sailor's Mission on Aldrich Ave. Lindy "Martha Stewart stenciling your driveway" provided handy directions to Mike's place in large, easy-to-read letters painted on the street that read:

Mike's Place, this way ->->->
Members in good standing are encouraged to stop by any time for free beer, watch some TV, and a place to crash.

Things that CRAWL at Night
Hooty & the Blowfish, Natty Dread, and John Lennon himself all turned out in the key of C Dock for the 1st Night Crawler.

Ruth won the speed reading competition for her ghost stories and was awarded the coveted (by Catholic school girls) tub steak prize. Without Craiggae, however, the song singing event saw very little competition, and the conch shell had to be brought out. After dinner, Gretchen's Dad was rushed to the hospital to have a 6" Lewmar winch surgically removed from his rump. Other boats ceded the lake to the Dread when it became obvious they couldn't "Shake their Groove thing" with the best of us.

*** Crew News ***
(Woodlawn) Three new crew members have signed on, and 4 old ones return. Steve Perkins, having completed chapter 11 filings, has signed an exclusive contract with The Dread in the capacity as pit-man. Beth Lippmann, recently returned from the 407 Worlds, is plying her skills on the foredeck. Both claimed to be unavailable for Thursdays, until a visit by the Conscription Gang. Zinda Eggerud has also signed on. Returning alumni for the G5 on June 6 include guest skipper Dan Gidinger, Lindy Christopherson, Craiggae, and Deanna Burke, coming out of virtual retirement after her ordeal with the Paint-by-Number watercolorists. Police had surrounded a tiny cabin in Minnetonka. "We could hardly find the place, it was buried in Diet Coke cans" a, police spokesman reported. "I've decided not to press charges [against my abductors]" an exhausted but happy Ms. Burke stated, "but so help me I never want to see another @#*&-ing paint brush as long as I live!"

Unfortunately, Ms. Gretchen Lennon , citing pressing business in Monterey and the Turner's wedding, cannot be with us for a couple of weeks.

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