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Free, Open-source Software (FOSS)

PNG is a newer image format combining the best of GIF (loss-less compression) and JPEG (millions of colors).  Strange but true, a PNG-24 file is smaller than the smallest equivalent JPEG, but looks better than the largest JPEG. Check the numbers.

Hinzite Summer Tour 2002 Cowes Race week, and on to Portugal

A Ukrainian Travelogue a trip to adopt two children from Keiv.

Michael Jordan, Basketball star or Botanist? a true story about the education of the gifted by the naive.

My First Day, driving Yellow Cabs in Philly -  "coming eventually ...

Top 10 Reasons My Land Rover Discovery Sucks
my first web-site, still working since 1996.  Critically acclaimed by the London Times: "the graphics are excellent" (thanks to my brother David).

Guide to free servers (dated and no longer maintained) - if you need only 10 to100 MB of space for the price of an email address (also free).

How I did this
It's easy to do with a Macintosh,  but hard to keep the kids off.  With an old 90mhz Pentium and Linux I've got a  dedicated server with lots of cheap disk space.
Why I did this

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